Aug 06, 2020 by Ken Ruehrdanz

Using Automation to Future Proof Retail from Disruption

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The Future of Commerce Automation
Chaplin's Modern Times

Automation for Today's Modern Times

In the 1936 film Modern Times, Charlie Chaplin's Little Tramp character struggles to survive in the then modern industrial world, at one point literally getting stuck in the gears. It is an iconic image that has led to a lingering perception about automation.

And that's unfortunate because now, 84 years later, automation has become an enormous positive for the human experience. Dematic has been part of this trend for quite some time, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated it. Today's modern times means a dedication to enhancing and improving lives of retailers and manufacturers and their customers.

Dematic has developed a playbook to help you understand the benefits that today's automation offers and get you started on bringing those benefits to your company, your employees, and your customers.

Download the Playbook

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While online shopping was on a growth trajectory well before the pandemic surfaced, the speed at which COVID-19 accelerated out-of-store purchasing left even the biggest retailers (the ones with actual omnichannel distribution strategies) challenged to effectively supply what was in demand.

Retailers not already taking advantage of automation have scrambled to identify where technology could be helping now. For those with some level of automation technology, the challenge has been more about taking full advantage of it.

But the general lesson being learned: Investing in automation can empower retailers with the flexibility to sustain similar future spikes in consumer demand.

To better understand the best next steps to take, this playbook explains:

  • Why most retailer fulfillment strategies don’t offer the flexibility to meet unprecedented consumer demand
  • How retailers can future proof their businesses from unexpected disruptions by making strategic investments in automation
  • Critical factors for consideration when selecting an automation provider

Every generation's modern times presents its own unique challenges. Our current one is no different. But what doesn't change is the desire to meet the challenges and move forward. Our goal for this new playbook is to be a partner in helping you move forward. Together we power the future of commerce.

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