Aug 25, 2020 by Michele Longo

A Growth Spurt During a Pandemic

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A Growth Spurt During a Pandemic

If you asked me in January what 2020 would hold for Dematic, I would have said “growth, growth, and more growth.” Little did I know that we would experience a global pandemic that would impact every facet of our organization. With more than 22 years in the business, I have seen many challenging environments but none as significant as this.

A Strong Response

No two days are the same at Dematic and that certainly remains true in 2020. When COVID first hit China, we halted business travel to and from that region. As other countries across Asia and Europe began seeing COVID cases, we took lessons from our Chinese colleagues. When the virus arrived in North America, we again listened and shared lessons from our colleagues across the world to learn how to work remotely and, when necessary, how to safely service our customers who provide essential services for our communities.

During the unknown days in March, our Global Leadership Team met daily to discuss how to proceed. We knew this: Dematic employees were key to essential services around the globe. We needed to first keep them safe and healthy, and second keep our customers running so that they could fulfill orders for consumers.

As the leader in intralogistics, our customers are the brands that consumers have relied on (and continue to rely on) during the pandemic. We partner with our customers to integrate automation into the whole of their operations. We also provide operational support including maintenance, remote monitoring, and systems performance assurance. During the pandemic, our role became even more vital to the success of our customers and the continuity of our own daily lives as consumers.

Safety First

From grocers to general merchandisers, our employees are essential to keeping the world moving. We put a variety of safety measures in place from the earliest days — making on-site work 100% voluntary, providing masks, reimbursing employees for personal protective equipment, encouraging employees to drive versus fly to sites, and instituting remote commissioning where possible.

Our Employees

It is the incredible spirit and commitment of our employees that has been our driving force during this crisis. With remarkable resourcefulness and flexibility, they have found ways to ensure that our essential customers continued to be able to serve their customers. I am proud to be on their team. I am also proud to share that in a recent survey we asked employees to rate how likely they would be to recommend Dematic as a place to work based on our handling of the coronavirus pandemic, and we received an average score of 9.3 out of 10.

Join Our Team!

Our business set a record order intake in Q2, including an increase of 11.6% from Q2 FY191. We did this during an unprecedented pandemic and at a time where many employees were working from home and juggling multiple responsibilities. It’s really astounding what is possible when you bring together the best and brightest in the industry. AND WE’RE HIRING!

Dematic is truly differentiated from our competitors when it comes to the sheer breadth of our global footprint, with a workforce of over 10,000 employees helping companies design, install, commission, operate, and service Dematic solutions worldwide. We are now in a very fortunate position where we need to add to teams in nearly every area of the company across the globe. This is our next challenge. We’ve thrived for 200 years, and we’re not stopping now.

Ready to join the team? Visit the Dematic Careers Page.

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